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Harry Stokes, US Army

2024 Recipient


Branch of Service: Us Army SPC 4 years of service.


Bio: Joined the US Army right out of high school in California as a 68 W (Healthcare Specialist). After graduating Basic out of Fort Jackson, SC, Harry completed AIT at Fort Sam Houston, TX. He was assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division, 3-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 1-23 Infantry as a line (combat) medic. Harry stayed with 1-23 until he was injured in Afghanistan where he was at Fort Sam Houston, then Balboa Medical Center in San Diego, CA for the remainder of his service.


Description of Injury: 6/4/2012 Company mission ended with L-shaped ambush in Panjwaii, Kandahar Afghanistan. Initial explosion left Harry in a hole with lower limbs shredded. He administered self care until other medic/ squad leader made it to him and was able to be safely MEDEVAC'd out.

Injuries: Right above knee amputation left below knee amputation.

MC Experience: Harry has a Harley-Davidson Sportster and has 2 years of riding experience but is unable to ride it due to his injuries. 

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