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Dave Riley, US Army/US Coast Guard

2023 Recipient


Branch of Service: Us Army 76-81 Florida National guard 6 six months, Pennsylvania reserves USA six months. US Coast Guard rescue swimmer. Total of 17 year service.


Bio: Served in US Army right out of high school. Did brief stent in Florida national guard, and then move to Pennsylvania and the US Army reserves. Joined US Coast Guard proximately 1980 and served 17 years as a rescue swimmer. Disabled, in 1997. VA provided my masters degree in computer science. Served as Alabama commander of DAV, and then national commander of DAV in 1917 and chairman of the board after that. Currently live in Semmes, Alabama, and I am retired.


Description of Injury: While serving in Mobile, Alabama for the US Coast Guard at the aviation training center as a rescue swimmer, I contracted a bacterial infection and lost all four limbs.

Injuries: Contracted bacterial infection through sinuses while serving as a rescue swimmer in the aviation training center in Mobile Alabama in 1997. Lost all four limbs and a few organs.

MC Experience: I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was 10 years old. Various different makes models and types. Bought my 1987 Softtail Harley Davidson in San Francisco while stationed there. I have had my bike and have been unable to ride it for a few decades.

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