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Mark Daley is the creative mind behind Thunder Struck Custom Bikes. Mark listens to his customers needs and wants, he can visualize what the bike will look like. The finished product must be flawless. The lines of the bike, from front to rear must flow, effortlessly, as if one piece. Only then is Mark satisfied with his creation. Mark’s talent, hard work & honesty has made Thunder Struck Custom bikes number one in Radical - Outrageous Motorcycles.

Mark's interest in motorcycles started at age 5 in a garage wrenching on an old panhead with his dad. As a teenager, Mark restored old cars. He has the ability to turn a wrecked car into a very expensive work of art. Although Mark enjoyed restoring cars, his true passion was motorcycles. In 1995 he quit his job of 15 years and started Thunder Struck Custom Bikes. Mark never looked back; his business has grown into a thriving enterprise.

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