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Our Roots

In 2013, two long time friends and riders with Run for the Wall wanted to find a way to recognize our severely wounded combat Veterans and give them the freedom of riding that many of us take for granted. These friends, John “Hardcharger” Barker and Ray “Too Tall” McDowell, came up with a way to say thanks to those Veterans and formed Combat Hero Bike Build (CHBB).

In 2014 CHBB awarded its first bike to Charlie Linville, a  Marine from Idaho. Since 2014 Combat Hero Bike Build has gone on to build a total of 30 motorcycles/trikes for well deserving Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam Veterans.

Combat Hero Bike Build is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to serve our severely wounded combat veterans. It is a program designed by warriors, for warriors, to give our wounded heroes the freedoms they once enjoyed.


The motorcycle is long associated with freedom and adventure. Many ride for the sense of freedom, many for the sense of adventure, or a chance to be free from the day to day stress of life or all of the above. We are all born free and the motorcycle gives us that sense of never ending freedom; no boundaries, going where we want, when we want. Many of our wounded are experienced "bikers" but now have injuries that limit their ability to be free. Building, rebuilding, or modifying existing bikes, can help get them back mentally to where they need and want to be.

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