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Combat Veteran BIO

Consideration of applicants are based on three criteria.

1) Applicant must have physical handicap that prevents him/her from riding a stock motorcycle or trike.

2) Applicant's physical injuries must be a result of injuries received in a combat zone while serving in the military.

3) Applicant should have received a Purple Heart for his/her injuries. (This requirement may be waived by Board of Directors).


Approval by the Combat Hero Bike Build Board of Directors will be considered final.

Date of Birth, Spouse's name and DoB if applicable, Home Town, Current Address

Branch of Service, rank and amount of service time

Bio including brief service history prior to related injury

Description of Injury Event including date and location

Description of Injury

Any prior motorcycle riding experience and future plans and how receiving this gift may affect you and your family

Helmet Size

Please upload a copy of your DD-214

Vest Size

Please upload photos before and after injuries.

Thanks for submitting!

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