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Cory Collins, US ARMY

CHBB 2021 Recipient

  • Cory grew up in a small south Texas town and joined the Army as an infantry soldier after high school.

  • After training and AIT at Ft Benning GA he was assigned to 2/6 Inf Reg in Baumholder, Germany. As a Bradley drive he was deployed to Bosnia for a seven month deployment then came back and PCSed to Ft hood, TX where he participated in Force 21 testing and Army wide fielding. After graduating PLDC Cory was selected for Recruiting Duty and sent to Sacramento for three years.

  • When our Country went to war with Iraq Cory reenlisted to move to Ft Campbell, KY. He deployed to Iraq with 1/502 Infantry in September 2005.

  • On November 2, 2005 while riding shotgun in the lead vehicle of a 4 vehicle convoy his vehicle was hit with an IED. Cory was the sole survivor but the explosion caused over 30 broken bones, PTSD, TBI, and eventually the loss of his left leg above the knee.

  • Cory has had 39 surgeries and counting to correct the multiple injuries from the IED explosion.

  • Cory grew up on motorcycles and has owned and ridden sport bikes and different Harley’s adding up to 10s of thousands of miles across many different states.

  • His father has donated a motorcycle for Combat Hero Bike Build to modify for him. The modifications and customization will be completed by Frankenstein Trikes and presented to Cory at The Salute to American Veterans Rally in Woodland Park, CO - August 21, 2021.

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