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Gabe Guest - USMC

USMC, MSgt E8, 22 years


Gabe grew up in the Antelope Valley located in Los Angeles County California. He enlisted in Jan of 1999 and became an Infantrymen. The Battalions Gabe has been with are 3rd Battalion 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Battalion 1st Marine Regiment, 2nd Battalion 7th Marine Regiment, and 5th Marine Regiment. He deployed to the Middle East 5 times. He has also served as an instructor at EWTGPAC, SOI West, and IMEF SOTG.


On August 10, 2008 Gabe was the PLT Sgt for 3rd PLT, Fox Company, 2nd Battalion 7th Marine Regiment. His unit was conducting a company reinforced attack on suspected Taliban positions in Nowzad Afghanistan Helmand Province. His unit came under immediate heavy fire from the north and the south. Gabe was with supporting effort 1 in vehicles providing heavy weapons support to the main effort. During the firefight his vehicle was struck by an IED that ejected him from his vehicle. It destroyed his left leg. He was medevaced shortly after by helicopter.


Gabe’s left leg was fractured in 6 different places and open from the blast. He went through several different surgeries to try to salvage the limb. During this time the USMC retained him and let him re-enlist. He lost his leg 4 years later due to complications. In total Gabe had 22 operations. He stayed in the USMC and deployed back to Afghanistan and Iraq.


Gabe does not have any motorcycle experience but it has always been a dream of his to learn how to ride and experience it.


“I think this gift would affect our family positively because I may be able to ride with my sons and friends and show them I am still Capable dude.”

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