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Glen Silva, USMC

2024 Recipient


USMC GySgt 24 years


Joined the Marines in 1990 out of Denver Colorado where I was born and raised. After boot camp and SOI I was sent to Camp Lejeune, NC to 2nd Bn 4th Mar Fox Company, we did 2 Mediterranean deployments and 1 to Okinawa Japan. We participated in a Humanitarian Operation while on one of the deployments. Was sent to 1st BN 8th Mar Weapons Company we did a Mediterranean deployment and deployed to Iraq in 2003 for the invasion and then were sent to Liberia for another Humanitarian operation. was then sent to Bravo Company and we did another 2 deployments to Iraq and then I was sent to Weapons Company to become the 81 mm mortar Platoon Sergeant we then deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 and I stepped on approx a 20lbs. IED while conducting combat operations with my Marines. I was then a patient at Bethesda Naval and then transferred to Walter Reed Army Medical Center, then transferred back to the Bethesda Property to the all new Walter Reed military medical center at Bethesda. I re-deployed back to Afghanistan 2 times as per of Operation Proper Exit and went all over the entire battle space both times. I was then transferred to Quantico, VA and attached to TBI, The Basic School to make officers. I finished my career there as an instructor in April of 2015


Oct 12, 2010 while on a foot patrol I stepped on approx a 20 lbs IED and was injured. I sustained multiple injuries as follows: loss of left leg 5 inches above the knee left pelvis completely fractured all the way through right leg severe shrapnel and burns complete loss of penis and testicles I was ripped open from the crotch to the sternum severe injuries to my abdominal wall and internal organs both lungs were popped from the inside out left forearm and hand were ripped down to the bone with continued nerve and usage issues both ears were popped all my teeth were destroyed and a TBI.


I use to ride all the time before my injury after the injury I attempted to for a while on a trike that I use to own but could never do long rides or even not be having surgeries and recovery time to ride it. the motorcycle was given back to Harley Davidson as it was a cost I couldn’t afford and not ride actively.

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