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JP Lane - US Army

Army, E-4 Specialist, 5 years service.


JP deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 as a Combat Engineer to search for IEDs doing route clearance.


On July 2nd 2011, JP was blown up by a 200 LB IED while on mission. His truck flew up and fell over to its right side. JP was the driver of his RG31 and took most of the blast because it was right under him. He fell into a coma for 6 weeks and was hospitalized for a year.


Both of JP’s legs were amputated, his right forearm broke left femur broke, lost some of his middle finger, TBI, lost 4 front teeth, pelvis broke in half, spine dislocated from his pelvis Internally and everything inside his torso was destroyed by flying pieces of metal EXCEPT his heart and left lung


JP has had riding experience but doesn’t currently own a motorcycle or have a motorcycle license. His dad is prior Air Force and does bike rides yearly. Justin has always wanted to ride side by side with his dad. This would mean a lot to Justin and be a huge blessing.

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