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David Sterling, US Army
2023 Recipient

  • Originally from California, David joined the Army in 2001, went to Basic at Fort Benning then stationed at Fort Riley with the 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment until being deployed to Al Anbar Province, Iraq in September 2003.

  • In month 7 of his deployment, David's Bradley fighting vehicle was hit in the turret ring with an RPG on April 6, 2004 just east of Ar Ramadi.

  • The RPG Penetrator struck his right hand and blew it off at the wrist. It also caused shrapnel wounds to his arms, legs, neck and face. His lieutenant was also hit and lost his leg above the knee. David was awarded a Purple Heart and later the Silver Star.

  • David grew up riding dirt bikes and had give up ever being able to ride again. Because of his injury he thought it would be impossible to ever enjoy the freedom of riding again. One of his wife's favorite things is going for a ride, and she has expressed to him how she would love to go riding with him.

  • David is currently living in Kansas.


     "Being able to ride again would be a great stress reliever and a great way for          my wife and I to get much needed time together while doing something we              both loved in the past."

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