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Jason Walker


DoB/Spouse&DoB/HomeTown: Born in 1984 in Lemoore California on the Naval Air station. Home town: Forest Grove. Currently I live in Vancouver, WA 98684

Branch of Service: U.S. Marines 2002-2009 U.S. Army 2010-2015 12 years 10 months 10 days

Bio: Grew up in Forest Grove. Graduated 2003 at Forest Grove High School. Enlisted into the Marines 2002, August. Went to basic training in San Diego and trained as a combat engineer in Camp Lejeune. I deployed in February 2005 to Iraq and returned October 2005. I got out in 2009 after a short time of being out I re-enlisted into the Army as a combat engineer. I was stationed at Ft. Hood with 36ENG BDE 8th ENG BN 87th Sapper Company. I deployed in February 2011 I went to Afghanistan. I return in December of 2011. I conducted route clearance. Our mission was to clear all routes of all ordinance such as land mines IEDs and anything that goes boom. I then deployed again to Afghanistan in April 2013 for a 9 month deployment.

Description of Injury: On September 5th of 2013 while on foot patrol in east Afghanistan I stepped on an improvised landmine made out of a Gatorade bottle from the base chow hall. I lost my left foot upon the blast and seriously injured my right leg. I had over 15 surgeries and now use a prosthetics left leg below knee and my right leg I refer to as my bad leg. Kids call my left leg my little leg and my right leg is Frankenleg. I was located in east Afghanistan near the Pakistan border

Injuries: Left leg below knee amputation, right leg limb salvage, PTSD, TBI, sleep apnea, Right knee injury.

MC Experience: I have no riding experience. However my dad and step mom whom I grew up with were avid bike riders and taught the Team Oregon motorcycle safety class or BRC beginners riding course. I have even spent many weekends at their campus and sat through most of the in classroom portions. I have seen that many of my battle buddies from the service all are motorcyclists and this would allow me to do something with them. I also currently have no reliable transportation so this would give me the ability to get around. I hope that if given this opportunity my buddies and I want to go to Sturgis South Dakota and explore this new hobby. I however would need a trike because of my balance issues and an automatic because I have issues with mobility. I have 2 kids and I hope that they too will enjoy riding and I hope to get a side car for them.

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