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Jed Morgan, USMC

2019 Recipient

  • Jed was born in Santa Barbara, CA but spent his early childhood in Guatemala with his missionary parents. When he was five years old his family moved to Florida to help his grandmother for the next 10 years.

  • His family's move to Colorado during his teen years was rough, losing his childhood friends and changing from home-schooling to public schooling but was made easier by a girl named Anna Harris who befriended him at a church youth group meeting.

  • Jed was fortunate to have good teachers in high school where he enjoyed Art, English & Spanish and really enjoyed a community college course in auto body technology that gave him both high school and college credit.

  • After high school and knowing that it would be difficult to raise enough money for college, Jed decided to join the military. Jed looked at all the branches but decided on the one he felt had the best training, the hardest work and the most compelling spirit - the United States Marine Corps!

  • Jed was assigned to 1/7 (First Battalion, Seventh Marines) after he attended School of Infantry (0311, Combat Infantryman).

  • Shortly thereafter Jed began dating Anna Harris with whom he had a growing and deepening friendship for several years.

  • Following a MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) to the Far East, 1/7 started a work-up for deployment to Afghanistan some six or seven months later. Eventually 1/7 was deployed to Sangin Province.

  • One day after three months or so of four-to-seven hour foot patrols his unit came to a halt at the top of a hill for a short rest. Jed was a SAW gunner, needing a position with a field of fire that would maximize his effectiveness with the .556 weapon he was to use. Jed's position was slightly adjusted by one of his leaders and he began to settle in to a position with an advantageous field of fire with one of his buddies just a few feet away.

  • Suddenly there was a flash of blinding light and Jed found himself on his back with several Marines already coming to his aid. Jed thinks his knee or foot must have brushed a pressure plate setting off the IED. Jed looked down and saw that he was missing his left leg but thought his right leg was mangled but still attached.

  • Jed stayed conscious as Marines prepared an LZ (Landing Zone) cleared of explosives for the helicopter that was on its way.

  • Jed was transported by helicopter to a field hospital then on to a major hospital before being transported to Landstuhl, Germany where his wife, Anna, and his parents were waiting by the time he arrived. It was nine days before Anna and his parents could know that he was aware of their presence. 

  • Jed wasn't immediately aware of all of his injuries. Over time he learned that he had lost both legs to above the knees and that the ulna nerve in his right (dominant) arm had been severed. Through therapy Jed has regained some strength in his right arm but has had to learn to use his left arm for just about everything.

  • Jed wants to continue his education and wants to help other amputees in some way after he regains his own capabilities.
  • Currently Jed lives in Medford, OR with his wife, Anna, and has his own business. Sergius Industries is a prosthetic device design and sales company. They are an SDVOSB that allows them to sell prosthetic equipment to the VA as well as their own devices they develop. Jed has also started a program through the White Heart Foundation called the Guardian Project which will help veterans dealing with PTSD and suicide through Eco-Therapy trips.
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