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JJ Guerrero, USMC/USA

2019 Recipient

  • Juan Guerrero (JJ) spent 4 years in the USMC prior to 19 years in the Army.

  • JJ was deployed to Iraq in September, 2006 as the Support Platoon Leader for the 425 Brigade Special Troops Battalion.

  • In November 2006 JJ's Battalion was tasked with providing a 4-vehicle security escort for the BDE's EOD company.

  • On 26 July 07 JJ's vehicle was hit by an IED (his 4th). JJ and his medic placed tourniquets on both legs above the knees, an IV on each arm and 20cc of morphine, still not enough to knock JJ out. He was conscious throughout the whole ordeal.

  • JJ was flown to the 28th Combat Surgical Hospital in Baghdad where he underwent two surgeries then flown to Germany where another surgery was performed before being sent to Walter Reed Army Medical Center for three more surgeries.

  • Seven surgeries and four skin grafts resulted in the amputation of both of JJ’s legs below the knees.

  • JJ's hometown is Miami, FL and currently lives with his wife Shannon in San Antonio, TX.

  • JJ's motorcycle will be unveiled at the 27th annual Salute to American Veterans Rally in August 2019, Cripple Creek, CO.

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