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Marcus Hayward US Army
2022 Recipient

Branch of Service: US Army, Military Police, E5/SGT 8.5 years


Bio: I was a military police officer and specialized search dog handler in the US Army. My first deployment was in Dec 2005 to Nov 2006 as a driver out of 549th MP Co, FT. Stewart, GA. I attend Specialized Search Dog School in May 2007 to Sept 2007, deploying again in Mar 2008 to Northern Iraq returning Feb 2009. I once again deployed in Apr 2010 to Helmand Province, Southern Afghanistan to 3rd Special Forces Group. I was injured while on that deployment.


Description of Injury: On July 29, 2010, while out supporting a sister SF Group that had taken casualties that day. My Polaris side by side ATV struck a pressure plate IED. The blast came up the middle of the vehicle, being I was in the passenger side my entire L side of my body was injured.


Injuries: Moderate traumatic brain injury, 2 metal plates on the left side of my face, 3 surgeries to my left eye (retina reattachment, artificial lens, and cadaver cornea replacement), 1 plate in my left hand, left above knee amputation, scarring on left arm also.


MC Experience: I rode a 2008 GSX-R 600 for approx a year before injury. I had stayed away from riding due to my vision in my left eye. I would love to ride again with the proper resources to keep myself and potential passenger safe. This gift would be amazing, as it would restore a piece of freedom I felt I lost after my injuries.

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