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Moses Sonera

Converse, TX


Branch of Service:

US Army, Sergeant, 8 years


Brief Service History:

Enlisted as a Combat Engineer in 1998. First duty station after basic training in Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri was Ft Carson in Colorado from 1999 to 2002. During that time was deployed to Bosnia and Egypt. In 2002 reenlisted and stationed at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii until 2005 with deployments to Thailand, Kuwait and Iraq. Last duty station was Ft Sam Houston, Texas.


Description of Injury Event, including date and location:  

Wounded during mortar attack at 2200hr in 2004 at Kirkuk AFB in Iraq.


Description of Injuries:

Single below the knee amputation on left side, PTSD and TBI.


Brief History of Recovery:

Sent to Ft Sam Houston for recovery for almost a year before being medically retired.


Future plans and how this gift may affect you and your family:

Been riding a long time but haven’t had a motorcycle for more than a year. Riding a motorcycle will provide relaxation and relief from PTSD. Want to be a part of Veteran Charity Ride. They help a lot and treat me like family. Motorcycle riding has provided another family in my life.

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