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Roland T. Marchand Jr
Cedar City, Utah


United States Marine Corps,  Cpl, 1 yr, 8 months, Bootcamp MCRD (Marine Corps Recruiting Depot)  12-01-1966--2-01-1967  Camp Pendleton, Ca. 2-01-67--4-01-67 Infantry Combat Training.  Left for Overseas, Japan.  left Japan May- 01-67 Arrived Danang Air Base and left on a Huey  for Hill 51 Que-Son Valley, Vietnam. 


Incoming Mortar Attack, 1-12-68  Phu-Bai/Phu-Loc 


Hit by 82mm Chinese Mortar Round incoming,  Lost of Right Leg Below Knee, Severed Wounds Left Leg, Massive Internal Injuries groin and Stomach Area.


Spent 1 Month Danang Hospital determined I was able to be moved from War Zone To Guam Navel Hospital until multiple Surgeries to repair internal injuries and treatment for Gangrene Right Leg and Post Operative Pneumonia and Weaken Artery in Left leg bleeding.  Was secured enough to be flown to USA Navel Hospital Oakland, Ca 


First Motorcycle 1965--1966 after coming home  Dirt Bikes until 1980, Harley 1985--1995, Gold Wing 1999-2002, 2003 had a trike kit added to Gold Wing 1500, 2004---2014 RUN FOR THE WALL.  2015 Colon Cancer, ok by Surgeon Cancer Dr. 2016 but with operation and Shrapnel in Spine decided i needed a trike that would be comfortable to sit with back issues and modify brakes front and back on right side handle bar and clutch on left side.  throttle on right side common setup right side brake and throttle. I use my right leg Artificial leg for emergency only.  hand brake used mostly. That’s why I need a trike setup like that.and don't have to worry hold holding it up at stops. Total Mileage since first bike 1965 until 2014 I estimate about 350,000 miles and never went down or had a accident and that’s why I decide to get rid of my trike and get a trike more to fit my disability.

FUTURE PLANS WITH THIS GIFT:                    

Being able to ride again good therapy and also be able to go on rides and enjoying life again.  would like to do RFTW again.  I rode with the Patriot Guard Riders from 2005--2015 and would like to do that again. get back riding with The American Legion Riders. did that 7 years and 2 years as President of the American Legion Riders Post 262 Rialto, Ca and Norco, Ca, Post 328.  

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