Steve “Sgt. Rock” Walker, USA

2015 Recipient

  • Steve volunteered to join the Army in 1967 and was sent to Vietnam for his first tour in 1968.

  • During his service, Steve completed 3 tours and sustained multiple injuries having been shot a total of 11 times. 

  • The last injury Steve sustained was the loss of his left arm

  • Steve received 3 Purple Hearts during his military time

  • Steve is now an Ordained Minister and rides his customized trike across the country each year caring for veterans during Run For The Wall.

  • Steve currently lives in Amarillo, TX and works with the M-25 Ministries speaking at engagements around the US and Canada.

  • Steve's trike was a special project for CHBB. He in turn donated his old trike to CHBB which was fully rebuilt, customized and awarded to Chris Claude.

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