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Tara Hutchinson, US Army

  • Tara’s hometown is Eagle River, Alaska and currently lives in San Antonio, TX.

  • Tara joined the Army from Portland, OR in January of 2000 at the age of 23. Her first duty station after basic training and MP school at Fort Leonard Wood, MO was at Fort Bragg, NC.

  • Her next duty station was Korea then back to Missouri for BNCOC.

  • She deployed to Iraq in January 2006 with a combat MP unit and was injured by a Syrian made EFP on Valentine’s Day 2006.

  • Tara’s vehicle hit an EFP that was disguised to look like a concrete curb and the blast instantly severed her right leg above her thigh and caused her heart to stop for almost 18 minutes. Other injuries include 3rd degree burn on left leg, brain injury for prolonged period without heartbeat and PTSD.

  • Tara is currently in a wheel chair but plans on being on a prosthetic before the end of 2020.

  • Tara’s trike was donated to Wheels for Warriors, USA by Johanna Myers a US Army veteran and is being built at Frankenstein Trikes. This award is made possible through a partnership with Wheels for Warriors, USA and Combat Hero Bike Build.

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