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Sean Douglas Adams


Gainesville, Georgia


United States Marine Corps, 2011-2014 

Rank: Corporal


I played sport on high school and loved the outdoor. I worked year round to make money as a kid. Cutting grass, tree work, farm and ranch hand. After high school i joined the Marines and served in Helmand province Afghanistan in 2012. I was attached to 1st Battalion 8th marines, weapons company. 


During a reconnaissance patrol on February 10, 2012, the squad came to an area known to be laid with IEDs in Helmand province, Kajaki, Afghanistan. I spotted the location of one but that was the secondary charge. The main charge was in front of me. After detonation i was flown to bastion then to Germany then five days later Walter reed nation military hospital in Maryland/ Washington, DC where I began therapy. 


Loss of both legs, loss of left thumb, right pinky, I have partial vision in the left eye and hearing loss. 


It took almost a full two years to bounce back from my injuries. During my recovery I faced many challenges. Learning how to drive again, walk again. The thought went through my head of having to sell my Harley I had purchased. I loved riding it but was unable to get back in the saddle. So I sold it to my buddy that was like another brother too me. He has ridden it ever since. 


I’ve ridden motorcycles since I was a kid and young adult years 


Receiving this amazing gift will change my life tremendously. I will be able to ride with friends again and enjoy the sunshine and wind in my face and feel a sense of normality once more. 

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