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Stephen Peterson, US Army


Branch of Service: Army, specialist, E4, 3 years


Bio: I am Army Specialist Stephen Peterson. I enlisted in the army as a combat engineer after high school and did basic training at Fort Leonard Wood. Right after basic training I was attached to a unit and deployed to Ghazni, Afghanistan. I spent five months deployed before I got injured and spent the rest of my time of service in recovery and rehab at Brook Army Medical Center.


Description of Injury: July 1, 2011 was the day I got injured. I was in Ghazni, Afghanistan on mission doing route clearance in a Buffalo when an IED was remote detonated under my seat. Resulting in my injuries.


Injuries: Right above knee amputation, broken hips and tailbone, TBI and PTSD.


MC Experience: I grew up riding dirt bikes and motorcycles and I remember falling in love with motor sports and the thrill but calming sensation it gave me. If I receive this gift I plan to use it at as a therapeutic tool to stay active and be able to clear my mind and enjoy my freedom with an adapted motorcycle something I haven’t done since before my injury because of the limitations of my injuries . I would also like to take long distance trips cross country for veteran organizations to honor other veterans; something I’ve always wanted to do. Receiving this opportunity would be a dream come true and provide me a lifelong outlet

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